Well, it’s been 30 days of edge of your seat fun, er, rotating purple wordmarks atop Yahoo’s homepage, and the moment is finally here. I’m sure all of you were constantly refreshing your browsers around 9PM PT Wednesday night, just like me, to be one of the first to see the new logo. Is it sad that I was really doing that? Before I get to the new (real) logo, let’s visit some of the highlights and lowlights of the last 30 days.

It started with the announcement and the first of 30 logos

It’s our way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo.

Immediately I took this as a chance for a company to lighten up and literally ‘have fun’ with a matter as serious as its brand – knowing full well what was planned. Having fun is an important aspect of any company and one that tends to get lost in the day to day. They don’t lose sight being grounded by honoring their legacy. To this I applaud Yahoo!

Over the past 29 days we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly (more of the latter). Nothing really stood out. Sure there some uses of negative space (day 6), implied emotion (day 25), and safe choices (day 10) but overall these seemed to be the throw away ideas from the sketchbook. The list of logos seen here looks like one of those pages featuring 29 free fonts. Aside from day 4 resembling the shape of a bowtie, the only real things that were memorable were purple and the exclamation. I was beginning to think that was the point though – those two things are their brand.

Yahoo! Day 6 Logo

Day 6

Yahoo! Day 25 Logo

Day 25

Yahoo! Day 10 Logo

Day 10

Yahoo! Day 4 Logo

Day 4

It has been fun to critique, make faces at, and share my opinions with friends and colleagues. It has been fun to revisit my own logo design process. And it has been fun to remember why I love design. If that was your goal Yahoo! then mission accomplished.

So without further ado, here is the new logo…

New Yahoo! Logo 2013

I have to be honest. When I first saw this I was extremely disappointed. It seemed just like number 30, nothing more. There is nothing special, unique, or different about this new logo. Maybe this is why I thought it would be…

Excerpt from the 30 Days of Change page

Over the past year, there’s been a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo!, and we want everything we do to reflect this spirit of innovation. While the company is rapidly evolving, our logo — the essence of our brand — should too.

Giving it some more thought, I think the change, subtle as it may be, is appropriate. This refinement reflects the company’s progress and purpose behind the leadership of CEO, Marissa Mayer – you can read her thoughts on the new logo here on her blog. It’s cleaner and streamlined, while keeping the equity established over the years. The purple and exclamation point remain, along with the famous yodel (you just sang it in your head, didn’t you?). Whimsy is maintained in the exclamation tilt and different sized O’s. The subtle curved lines of the letterforms and “scallop serifs” keep this design from being completely boring.

To further demonstrate the change, Yahoo! produced this video showing how the logo was constructed. It reminds me of the Twitter redesign. I just have an appreciation for technically sound design. I’m not doing backflips over the new logo, just more of a golf clap.

This is your cue designers, who have nothing better to do, to post your “better” version of the logo onto Behance or drop a shot on Dribbble next to your “better” iOS 7 UI. I know the web will be inundated with Yahoo! designs over the next few days.

So what are your thoughts. Do you love it, hate it, or meh? It’s always an easy decision to scrap a brand and design something totally new, but by showing restraint and staying away from trendy design Yahoo! will be better off (once someone convinces them to get rid of that bevel)!